Novelty Safe Secret Stash Wall Clock

Novelty Safe Secret Stash Wall Clock

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Isn't it great if you can hide something of very important value in your room where nobody will think it's there? You can do that with this Novelty Safe Secret Stash Wall Clock. This is also a great gift for someone in your life you believed needing this Safe Wall Clock. Protect your valuables, get this secret storage today!


  • Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious Wall Clock Safe
  • This clever safe blends in anywhere and nobody will ever know it is a safe
  • Functioning clock
  • Powered by 1 x  AA Battery (not included)
  • Great for storing cash, jewelry, medications, and any other valuables
  • Fool thieves and protect your valuables with this clever safe! 
  • Pull/push the box door to open/close
  • Sturdy construction and very durable
Novelty Safe Secret Stash Wall Clock


Diameter: 25cm
Depth: 6cm

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